Community service learning

Today we took all of the seventh grade students and advisors to do a community service day. We went to a camp about an hour away that serves campers with disabilities. It’s a non-profit which relies heavily upon volunteers, and they were willing to accept 122 thirteen-year-olds. It’s tough to find a place that can put 122 thirteen-year-olds to work for a day.

We’ve just arrived back at school, and I’m beat. But aglow. I’m so thankful that service is enough of a priority that we take a full day to do this. I’m thankful that my fellow advisees rearranged their schedules and attended with us– that feels really supportive. I’m impressed with the kids– their work ethic, their personalities… it’s tough to herd 122 thirteen-year-olds and in a large group they can be overwhelming. But individually, they are really thoughtful kids, full of heart. I miss them already, and they haven’t gone off to 8th grade yet.

I hope that today was more than just a day off of academic classes. I hope that students add it to their list of daily activities to help someone they’ll never meet (campers weren’t there). I know that many students had never cleaned before, so they learned how to wring out a rag, how to clean the. whole. surface. and not just swipe the middle, how to mop. I hope that that my colleagues felt it was a valuable use of time. I hope we all grew a little bit.