Deepening community

I sent an all-school email today. I invited my entire school’s faculty to EdCamp Milwaukee! I attended EdCamp Chicago in February and was tremendously touched and inspired; I hope that a few from my school will join me in Milwaukee and benefit from learning in such a rich and brilliant community of educators.

It feels like a risk. In my all-school email I mentioned that some of the Chicago sessions were about technology, and I know that any mention of technology can polarize a group of educators. Some jump in and try fearlessly, others sit back and wait to see what works, and still others don’t really want to change how they teach. It can feel threatening when someone makes what she feels is an innocuous suggestion; perhaps she is insinuating that my work is inferior? She’s only been at this school for a year and a half; who is she to suggest things like this? Of course these responses are natural. The heart of what I hope to do in inviting the faculty is to offer some inspiration and opportunities for those who wish to grow in this manner, to deepen the learning community I have. So ostensibly it’s out of a generous spirit that I emailed, but really it is selfish. I want to learn with you and from you!


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